The Role Of Tribals In The Country’s Reconstruction

The Role Of Tribals In The Country's Reconstruction

India, which has a rich cultural heritage in itself, is on the path of continuous progress. India, full of diversity, is also known all over the world for its tribal culture. People of tribal society living in about 85 percent of the country’s land are very comfortable. And living a simple life, playing an unprecedented role in the creation of a new India. This society, living in rural and forest areas, adopting forest produce and agro-based lifestyle, according to its culture and traditions, is very much towards its motherland.

How did the forerunner of this society, who played a leading role in the freedom struggle of the country, launched a historic movement to protect the motherland, this whole country is a public, similarly Jatra Tana Bhagat Sidho-Kanho, Rani Gaidinlu be all tribals. All the people of the tribal society, including the great personalities of the society, played their important role in the country’s freedom struggle.

Tribal society, uneducated, away from modernity, living in the absence of basic resources, without employment, making its identity as economically backward, our tribal society, making its all-round development, coming into the mainstream of the country and helping to build the country. It is providing its incomparable contribution. At present, the people of the country’s tribal society are being encouraged through public welfare policies, schemes and programs. They are being provided financial assistance and opportunities for a bright future.

Providing institutional support for the development and marketing of products/produce produced by the tribal society, whether through MFP and Van Dhan Vikas program for livelihood. Government by providing financial assistance by National Scheduled Tribes Finance and Development Corporation , is making the country’s tribal society self-supporting. A historic initiative has been taken by the Central Government to connect the tribes to the forest and provide their rights related to it. The government’s ministries of forest and environment and tribal affairs will now work together to fully implement the forest rights laws. A joint MoU has been signed by both the Ministries. The states have also been instructed to work together for the implementation of forest rights. It is to be known that the government has given to complete all the conditions of the Forest Rights Act, 2006.

A welcome initiative has been taken by the Central Government to make the people of tribal society self-reliant by starting Van Dhan Yojana.

Van Dhan Mission is an initiative to generate means of livelihood for the tribes by using non-timber forest produce. The total value of the wealth obtained from forests, which is Van Dhan, is two lakh crores per annum. This initiative encourages collective empowerment of the tribal community.

Providing grants under Article 275(1) of the Constitution, providing special assistance to the Tribal Sub-Scheme (SCA to TSS), has been instrumental in education, health, agriculture, skill development, employment and income generation in the tribal areas of the country. The government is paying special attention to how tribal girls can be made more and more literate in low literacy districts of the country. Mentioned all these subjects because the welfare of tribal society and development of these areas by the government is now among the special priorities of the government. 

We all are seeing that in the changing environment, the tribal society is taking full advantage of the opportunities provided by the government, schemes of the government. and welfare schemes are reaching. It is a matter of great pleasure even while discussing this, the Prime Minister of the country, Shri Narendra Modi is not only concerned for the upliftment of the tribal areas and the entire tribal society of the country, but is always ready for the upliftment of the tribals.

Under his leadership, the budget of the Ministry of Tribal Affairs was also increased, Eklavya Model Residential Schools were definitely established in tribal-dominated blocks. To benefit more and more economically and socially backward people of the country, development work should reach them effectively, especially tribal society.

Today, if you look at the figures of the last 10 years, then you will understand that before the year 2014, opportunities for education and employment have increased among the boys and girls of the tribal society. People are moving forward from their villages and towns according to their talent and making qualitative improvement in their talent in the country and abroad. Due to the modernization of agriculture in the tribal areas, whether it is through food processing, the rural people are increasing their income, increasing their economic prosperity by doing animal husbandry, poultry farming, goat-sheep rearing in these areas.

Tribal society has got the best benefit of the campaign to double the income of farmers. In these areas, every household electricity from Pradhan Mantri Gramin Vidyutikaran Yojna, economic management from Jan Dhan Yojana, fuel arrangement from Ujjwala Yojana etc. Moving forward because of the improvement in life. Today the youth of the tribal society are making new innovations not to migrate but for their self-reliance, the country is protecting the country by going to the army and armed forces. Medical and para medical services, a large number of private and government Contributing to the development of the country by going to services. Be it in engineering services, whether it is in the matter of women’s self-reliance, people of tribal society in all areas are today contributing to the all-round development of the country by joining the mainstream of the country, making themselves and their families financially independent in the new era of development. Now the percentage of education is also increasing as compared to earlier. In the field of sports also, youths and girls of tribal society are performing uniquely, taking inspiration from Limba Ram and Dilip Tirkey, who came from Rajasthan first in this series, all the players (boy-girl) coming from tribal area in India’s hockey team. Whether it is a matter of representing the country, or Mirabai Chanu winning a medal for the country, everyone has done better to come for the country’s self-respect.

In the last 7 years, tribal society is changing its old identity and making its identity as a progressive society, prosperous and aware society. Art and culture, environmental protection, tribal society living a life dedicated to their rich traditions are playing their positive role in the all-round development of the country. Therefore, due to the continuous development and awareness in all areas of the country, today people are happy and prosperous in the tribal areas. This is the hallmark of the development and prosperity happening in the country. 

(Sudarshan Bhagat)

Member of Parliament, Lohardaga Parliamentary Constituency

Former Union Minister of State, Government of India

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