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Social Reforms & Research Organization Organize a National Seminar on the occasion of  Vishwa Shanti Diwas (World Peace Day) in series of Vishwa Dharm Samvad on 21st September, 2022 at 3:OO PM at C D Deshmukh Auditorium, India International Center, New Delhi

‘International Day of Peace’ is celebrated every year on ‘ 21st September ‘. This day is considered an ideal of freedom, peace and happiness among all nations and peoples. ‘World Peace Day’ is mainly celebrated to establish peace and non-violence all over the earth . Everyone loves peace. Humans sacrifice most of their lives in search of it. But it is quite disappointing that today man is getting away from this peace day by day. 

Service of humanity is our aim. We work towards serving the people and animals to promote a peaceful environment. Our team has decided to work whole-heartidly towards it by dedicating a complete day to charity. We aim to encourage people to indulge more into charity work and bring together people associated to it at one platform and work together towards the betterment of the society.

World Peace Day 2022

On the auspicious occasion of “World Peace Day,” the national seminar in a series of “Vishwa Dharm Samvad” was organized on September 21st, 2022.

Subject:- India's Growing Role In World Peace: Opportunities And Challenges

The seminar was inaugurated by lighting a lamp in the presence of all the dignitaries, i.e., Mr. P.H Parekh (Sr. Advocate, Supreme Court of India), Mrs. Priyanka Deo Jain (Chief Manager, Times of India Group), Prof. Kapil Kumar (Sr. Fellow, Nehru Memorial Museum & Library, N Delhi), Prof. Rajkumar Bhatia (Ex National President, ABVP), Swami Vishalanand Ji (Spiritual Orator), and Maj. General KK Sinha (SM, VSM, Retd). 

Sadhvi Ji in her welcome addressed how India’s global representation is rooted in the idea of ‘unity in diversity’, contemplative of the wide collection of cultures and civilizations that remains to attract many across the world and now India has emerged as a global leader in the world and its rise to power has led to speculation and expectations about how it will change the global order. 

Moderator Mrs. Katyaayanee Chaturvedi began the seminar by felicitating all the dignitaries, host, sponsors and organizers and requested Mr. PN Parekh to address the audience about Human rights and its relevancy during the war-like situations. 

 Mr P.H Parekh articulated his experience and role that international organizations play in reducing the risk of war between belligerents by improving communication, facilitating cooperation, and building confidence and trust and quoted Dr. Martin Luther King, “Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war.” He underlined the need for fair representation of all nations on the global stage. Prof. Kapil Kumar emphasised the significance of a nation having the strength to stand up for its own rights. India should invest in armaments to strengthen their military power and security.

Maj General KK Sinha discussed how India continues to face numerous difficulties in the internal security domain in varied forms, which include insurgency in the North East and Naxal infested States of Central India, terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir and the challenge posed by religious extremist terror in the hinterland loosely categorized as Jihadi terror. He believes peace can be achieved by comprehensive national power and India needs a compound national strategic effort to enhance all the elements of comprehensive national power. He also discussed how India has been engaged in an ongoing comprehensive process of military modernization to develop the effective military capabilities for protecting and promoting Indian national interest. He also mentioned about India’s strategic stance in the conflict between Russia-Ukraine.

Prof. Rajkumar Bhatia enriched the audience by enlightening them about the power of youth in the world politics. He mentioned that Youth is young blood of nation and active worker of nation. Therefore, it is imperative and demanded of the nation that he assume full accountability for leading the entire nation. Youth have the power to transform India into Swami Vivekananda’s idealised homeland. Where there is just love, honesty, cooperation, and coordination; where there is no corruption, violence, illegal marketing, cheating, fraud, or scam. Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad is doing a brilliant job for the upliftment of the society as a whole.

Mrs. Priyanka Deo Jain reflected on his time at the Harvard University and then working for the welfare of the youth across India. She believes Youth are the bud that will grow into beautiful flower if nurtured properly. Youth are considered to be the future of the nation and they have the ability to change a nation. India aspires to be a superpower one day and this is possible only by giving importance to the voice of youth. Voice of youth can change not only the social scenario of India but also the political and economical scenario. Youth needs to raise their voice against the social evils that are prevalent in India. The role of youth is of most significant in today’s time but unfortunately, they have underestimated themselves, especially in field of politics. If the youth of the nation are strong and efficient, the nation will progress and develop. In her views, The Voice of our youth should be given immense importance if we really yearn for a developed nation rather than just a developing nation.

Swami Vishalanand Ji stated that ‘the more they talk to peace, the more pieces of the world they are making’. Since Independence, India has desired peace among nations. The country has always stood for maintaining peaceful and harmonious relations with other countries.

At the end of seminar Vote of thanks was given by Mr. Pramod Kumar (President SRRO). The seminar was concluded by playing National Anthem and presenting memento to the chief guests.

The seminar offered opportunities to the participating audiences to interact with activists, academicians, scholars, advocates and experts to deliberate and discuss the issues. The views expressed and explored on this platform by the resource persons made the audience rethink critical issues. The seminar has, without a shade of doubt, made the long-lasting impacts on the mind of audience. The seminar owes its success to the able guidance and the hard work put in by the entire SRRO and Vishwa Dharm Samvad team. 

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